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Make world a better place to live
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Jun 10, 2012

Best way to connect Android Mobile to PC for Internet Access

PdaNet is one of the best teethering software available in the market  for connecting your Android /windows/BB /palms to PC  to surf the internet,  At just one click, PdaNet instantly shares the Internet access of your Android phone with your computer. It does NOT require root access or hacking  your phone's firmware. It works on all Android phones.
PdaNet supports both USB Tether and Bluetooth DUN ,WiFi. Your phone can connect to the data service, WiFi, or even through VPN and PdaNet will share it with your computer. It is capable of handling download speed of well above 35Mbps over USB and is the fastest tethering software available for Android.  but it is not free, company provides a trial period of two weeks after that you can continue using PdaNet for free but now the software blocks  all secure web sites i.e. web sites starting with  “ https:// ” as a result  you are unable to access services like Gmail, secure Banking sites, Facebook etc.
Pdanet  use Guide 

Here I am suggesting a step by step method that converts your trial version of PdaNet to full version.
1. First go to the link given below and download the “PdaNet version 2.41” for  windows(choose 32-bit/64-bit  compatible setup as per your O.S  requirements)

2. Download a key generator from  here and run on your windows…it generates the valid registeration details to crack the PdaNet …..enter the data in registration window of PdaNet …after that your PdaNet becomes full version. (Note:- some antivirus program may treat key file as a virus…don’t worry it is a case of false positive….ignore it and proceed.)
3.  Now go to Android market if you are using Android device/Mobile  and download  PdaNet 3.00 or 3.50 (as no other versions are available in Android market) and install in your device/mobile.  
4. Now again go to the link given above  in step 1 and again download the PDAnet  version 3.00 or  3.50  and install on your PC without uninstalling the previous version, now you observe that your PdaNet  is upgraded  to the latest version without any key.
Note :- While installing Pdanet in your PC  don’t forget to connect your mobile /device to your PC  also  don’t forget  to enable “USB debugging Mode” in your mobile.
5. Now connect your mobile to the PC  using PdaNet  and enjoy  full internet access.

Rishi kumar

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