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Make world a better place to live
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Aug 15, 2010

Procedure to connect Mobile phone as a Modem for internet access in Windows XP

Note :- First configure the settings in the phone  and GPRS should be working in phone before you go to configure a modem also in case of dual sim phones don’t  forget to place the sim in slot1 position from which you want to access .

Note :-  1).Connect the mobile to the PC using data cable.
 2). After connecting to PC the phone shows some options like
a).Mass storage
c).COM port
 3). Select  the COM  port option and press OK.

After that your system shows “New hardware found wizard”, choose “install the software automatically” from the option first and click on next button, then your system searches for the requires USB driver, if it is unable to do so then choose the option “install from a list or specific location” and click on next.

Then browse   the  location of the the USB driver for your device and select ok as shown above.

Click on next and your system starts installing the USB driver for your device
while installing it sometimes your system shows “compatibility wizard”, if this happens choose “continue anyway”

Click on “Finish” to complete the wizard.
Now your system shows  “new hardware installed is ready to use”, it means you successfully install the USB driver for your device (mobile).
Now right click on the “My computer” and choose “properties”.

From “system properties” choose the “Hardware” tab and click on “Device manager”.

In “Ports (COM & LPT)”option  remember  the port location of your device i.e.COM10 etc and then close the window.
Now open the CONTROL PANEL as  START > SETTINGS > CONTROL PANEL and Choose  “phone and modem option”. If you are first time creating modem, XP will ask for Area STD code , enter it and press ok.

then “phone and modem option” window will open  as above, click on “Modem” tab and choose “Add”.

Check the option “don’t detect my modem, I will select it from a list” and click on next.

Then choose the option “Have Disk” as shown above.

Browse the location of the “USB Modem driver file” of your device and press “ok”

Then click on next

Choose the right port(i.e.the port on which your phone is connected) from the option as you create earlier and click on next.

Click on “continue Anyway” in compatibility wizard
Now wizard prompt that your modem is installed successfully so click on “finish”.

Now again open the “phone and modem option” and click on “properties” after selecting your modem from the list.

Click on “Advanced” option tab and in Extra initialization commands put the Command given by your Mobile service operator, here I am providing some commands for your convenience

After that choose ok and close the window.

Creating Dial-up connection

Now choose “My network places”

Click on view network connections

Then choose “create new connection”
Now “welcome to the new connection wizard open” .
Click on Next.
Then choose “connect to internet” and click Next.
Then choose “setup connection manually” and click on Next.
Then choose “connect using dial up modem” and click on Next.

If your system have many modems then this  window appears, choose from the list the right modem and click Next

Write down the ISP name or name of your choice in the wizard opened and click Next.
Enter the Dialing Number in case of Aircel and Airtel it is “ *99***1#” and click next.

Left “username” and “password” section blank and click on Next
Click on finish to complete the wizard.

Now your dial-up connection is ready simply dial it , in case if it shows error then click on
Properties > security tab > check “allow unsecured password” in box and press ok

When your connection is established XP will show the Connection bandwidth as shown above. Now open your web browser and enjoy the internet access, and if you want to enjoy better speeds then go for some EDGE enabled mobile phone.


Rishi Kumar