Make world a better place to live

Make world a better place to live
Dedicated in Rememberence of my pet "Timmy"

Feb 15, 2011

"Carry your DIGITAL WORLD wherever you go"

Sometimes we away from our, home, city or country  and it is not possible for us to watch our favorite TV channels or listen to local FM radio stations due to regional differences etc. In these situations we feel alienated from our society, culture etc.
Here I am mentioning about one Free toolbar application that make a difference in your life, it is very good toolbar application that integrated itself with Internet  Explorer and thus helps you to  carry virtually all your TV/FM channels, local Newspapers  wherever you go……

Just take a look at the FmTvINDIA toolbar  features you can use

  • Radio
  • TV
  • Movies (Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Animation)
  • MP3 Download Section
  • Web Messengers (No need to install any messenger in your system)
  • FREE SMS (India Only)
  • Online Security ( Scan your computer with any antivirus online for free)
  • Language Translation (Open a page and click on Translation option and page will be translated automatically.)
  • Health Section (Yoga, Pranayam)
  • NewsPapers
  • Bhagvad Gita, Ved Puran. Ramayan(watch all episodes)
  • Business section (BSE Sensex LIVE Ticker, Analysed Reports)
  • .doc to .pdf converter
  • RSS Feeds
  • Weather Updates
  • Games
  • POP3 mail client ( Attach your e-mail with it and you will be notified whenever any mail arrived)
  • Search Bar
  • Automatic Updates ( No reinstallation required, Toolbar update itself with the newest contents)
 Download it from here  

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