Make world a better place to live

Make world a better place to live
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Aug 6, 2011

Surf the web using 3G @ just Rs.98/Month

Recently 3G services launched in India with a great boom but as the 3G services are quite expensive  now days, it creates dent in common man’s pocket. Here I am not going to tell you any hacking tips for accessing 3G services instead I  tell you the best  legal way to use the 3G services at  affordable  cost.

Well, here are the steps to follow,

Step 1 : All you need is a 3G supported Mobile phone or 3G DATA CARD like Micromax (310G,352G   etc.)   with 2G activated BSNL SIM in that.
Step 2 : Now top up(recharge) your mobile with minimum Rs.98
Step 3 : 
Configure your Mobile phone or DATA CARD for GPRS access.
Step 4 : Now change your Network Operator from GSM/EDGE  to WCDMA/UTMS/HSPA depending on  your handset /DATA CARD or choose AUTO in case of DATA CARD  & enjoy  Browsing & downloading  in 3G network.

If you have doubt, You can first check whether 3G service is available in your region or not, by  inserting  SIM in Mobile or Data card, I personally  check that “BSNL” & “Reliance”  give best results.

Note :- First point is that, there is no need to purchase 3G SIM , 2G SIM is sufficient for your purpose. Second,  if there is no 3G network  coverage  in your area then don’t disappointed, EDGE network present all over in our country ….enjoy them!!!

Rishi Kumar


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  2. New SIM are also working fine without any problem
    & the reason for it is that BSNL & Reliance is using 3G servers for there 2G services